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Before Picture of Old Shake Roof

How to know if you need a repair or complete new roof? One way is to look at the life expectancy of the material and when it was installed. But really it’s tricky for a homeowner to determine the roof’s needs if they don’t have the experience. That is where a trustworthy, professional, roofing expert comes┬áto analyze the exterior material and sheathing/plywood for the best solution. When it comes to your roofs needs it crucial to know the right decision or it can cause more damage and money to the homeowner. On the other hand beware of Roofing scams that will tell you no matter what that the Roof needs to be completely replaced. The best was to choose a reliable, trustworthy Roofer is to do your research and ask friends or family for advice. Here at RC Roofing Company we always promise to give our honest opinion on your roofs needs and also pricing. We have experienced, licensed professionals available 24*7 to compare or discuss other estimates you may have received.