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  1. Ensoltis is the Best Looking Roof / Solar isn’t the best looking product out there.
  2. Ensoltis Won’t lose Efficiency or Value / Solar Starts to lose it’s value after 5 years
  3. Ensoltis Turns Attic into a High Efficiency Attic / Solar has no affect on Attics
  4. Ensoltis has a Quicker Return Of Investment
  5. Ensoltis Works Day and Night 24 hours a day, 365 days a week / Solar is weather permitted
  6. Reduces electric and gas consumption
  7. Ensoltis Protects the Home from Rain, heat, cold and sound / Solar is fragile in itself and causes leaks in Roof
  8. Ensoltis doesn’t require maintenance and is very Durable/ Solar is breakable and requires maintenance
  9. Ensoltis comes with a Lifetime Warranty (lasts 50-70 years) / Solar lasts 25-30 years
  10. Ensoltis has No Electrical Work / Solar Requires Electrical work in order to produce Energy Savings