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How long does the job take?

To ensure each job is done correctly and quickly, we dedicate all of our resources to you by performing one job at a time.  The average family home is normally completed between 3-4 days.

How soon can you start?

Work can begin on your home as early as 1-3 weeks (or 4 weeks if rain).

Can I choose specific colors or styles?

Yes!  Go to www.OwensCorning.com to immediately shop and look around.  Additionally, we can walk you through the process and bring samples to you as well (Some restrictions apply depending roof on type).

How much does it cost?

There is no fixed cost.  There are many variables and options to consider when installing a new roof.  Size, shape, insulation, ventilation, and others all play a part.  It really all depends on you and what you want.

What is your Warranty?

Our labor guarantee starts at 5-10 years (which also includes any underlayments).  Our average material Warranty is good for a lifetime.

What happens to the Warranty if I sell my house?

If your roof is still under warranty and you decide to move, your guarantee will be instantly transferable to the new homeowners (a new feature).

What about Permits?

We take care of all permits personally.  Be wary of roofers who ask you to pull your own permits as they may not have insurance, or the credibility to put a new roof on your house.  Many roofers go out of business within 2 years, only to restart up again under a different name.

How long does the hero program take to get approved?

It’s very fast!  Apply@ www.heroprogram.com and get approved in as little as 2 days or less.

Any additional advice?

Remember the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  This applies to choosing your roofer as well.  Always be sure to watch out for deals that seem fantastically lower than the competition.  If the contractor doesn’t pay his bills, you’ll be next in line and may receive a lean on your property.  To be safe, you may want to write a check to your contractor and a separate check to the supplier.  Any good contractor will allow this, as they only make a profit from providing you with a service, not from materials.  Another good way to check up on a contractor is to know if the roofer pays his bills on time.  You can find this out by easily asking the supplier.  In addition, you may also look up their contractors license at www.cslb.ca.gov to check up on their history.


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